A2024LL (must be ordered w/SP2000 or SP2300 PLUS) Leverless Tilt Back Tire Changer (Elect. Only)




Top Bead Demounting Procedure Head Unit
The demounting procedure uses the same working movements but absolutely no effort is required from the operator thanks to the “Leva la leva” technology incorporated in the mount/demount head (patented). The mounting procedure is exactly as before, and just as quick and convenient.

Corghi A2024LL Top Bead Mounting

Adjustable Bead Breaker
The adjustable bead breaker arm plus EXTENDING SHOE moves to ensure that the working position is always perfect for the rim diameter. Quick, easy operation and peak safety are its main functional features, even on large-diameter tires and rims.

Incorrect arm position. Risk of damage to rim and tire.

Corghi A2024LLarm positioning

Bead breaker shoe extension system useful for working on large-diameter wheels installed on the machine as standard.

Corghi A2024LL bead breaker shoe

Patented turntable system that allows the clamps to be moved to change the working range.

Corghi A2024LL Turntable system

Technical Specifications

Specifications A2024LL
Max. Wheel Diameter 40″
Max Tire Width 14″ / 360 mm
Inside Clamping Capacity 13” to 26”
Outside Clamping Capacity 10” – 24”
Rotation Torque 885 ft/lbs / 1200
Turntable Torque 811 ft-lb
Turntable Speed 8.5 rpm
Bead Breaker
Type Fixed Arm with Extending Shoe
Max Opening 3487 lbf / 15500 N
Shoe Force 73″ H x 43″ W x 70″ D
Support Telescopic
Working Range from 8” to 26″
Column Pneumatic Tilting
Head Clamping Pneumatic
Head Clamping Pneumatic
Other Info
Electrical 1ph 110 V / 50 hz
Operating Pressure 145 PSI (10 bar)
Overall Dimensions 43” W x 67” D x 72” H / 1090 x 1700 x 1835 mm
Weight 571 lbs (259 kg)

Product Sheet