18,000 lb, 2 Post Symmetric


18,000 lb, 2 Post Symmetric, (175″ Hgt / +1″ Ceiling), Screw-Up Frame Cradles (5-1/2″ low hgt), includes 5″ & 10″ Stack Adapters (4 ea) (Red or Blue)

DP18 Heavy Duty Two-Post Lift Features:
The DP18 is constructed of high strength heavy gauge steel columns.  Large gusseting on substantial base plate foundations provide the stability and support you want for a heavy truck lift.  With a capacity of 18,000 pounds your shop can start working on work trucks, vans, or small buses along with everything else that rolls through the door.

Truck Adapter Extensions:
The DP18 comes with eight high strength aircraft grade aluminum truck adapter extensions. Four 5” and four 10” adapters allow you to lift a wide range of vehicles. These are heavy duty adapters without the “heavy”. Because they’re made of aluminum you’ll be able to place and maneuver them without strain. They have a convenient column bracket for storage.

Arms: Forward’s heavy-duty two-post DP18 has two-stage arms that can easily be extended and retracted while lying on the floor spotting a vehicle. Couple that with the light adapter extensions and you win the spotting large vehicle battle!

2-STAGE ARMS with heavy-duty reinforced gusseting

  • Extended and retracted from 61” to 38”
  • 5 1/2” minimum adapter height from floor

Extended Height Model Options:
The DP18 offers three different height options, for the lowest ceiling option DP18N000 the overhead cross member mounts directly to the column without a column extension to fit a 155 ¾” (12’-11 ¾”) ceiling height.  The standard height DP18N001 fits a 176” (14’-8”) ceiling height and the extended height DP18N002 fits a 200” (16’-8”) ceiling height.  With all these options it’s easy to choose the best package to fit into your existing shop.

Additional Features:

  • 18,000 lbs. capacity for lifting most trucks and vans.
  • Features symmetrical column design
  • Direct-Pull Lifting – high efficiency, low maintenance technology
  • Closed loop hydraulic system – protect against hydraulic contamination
  • Powder coat paint is more durable than conventional coatings
  • Third party tested and certified by ALI
  • Padded shut-off bar
  • Low profile arms and truck adapters
  • Single point release lock at operations center


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