Ranger Combination Disc/Drum Brake Lathe with Bench & Standard Tooling RL-8500 5150066


Ranger Combination Disc/Drum Brake Lathe with Bench & Standard Tooling RL-8500 5150066


Precision electric DC servo motors designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial motion control
Quick-Change Adapter-Plus system with built-in springs eliminates the need for conventional bell clamps and cones
Works with hubless drums, rotors (center hole sized 2-5/32″ – 4″) and composite rotors (center hole sized 4″ – 6.25″)
The RL-8500 is equipped with features that help increase your service capability, like precision twin cutter tools and a quick drum-to-rotor changeover
Infinitely variable spindle and cross feed speed settings allow for quick rough and precision finish cuts
Simple ergonomic controls are designed for minimal operator movement
Legendary control makes unit easy to learn and master
The RL-8500 maintains accuracy year after year thanks to ruggedly constructed components like a hardened, precision ground spindle that resists grooving and makes boots a thing of the past
Massive tapered spindle bearings offer superior weight support during rotation
Exclusive “splash-lube” oil-feed system supplies a constant flow of oil to the bearings, making sure they provide years of trouble-free service
Serpentine belts provide a faster, quieter operation, reducing chatter and vibration
An independent cross feed motor eliminates the need for plastic or bronze shear gear that are expensive and time-consuming to replace
A convenient top storage tray means your popular adapters and tools are kept within short reach
Separate motors on the drum and rotor feed help maximize the main motor’s efficiency
Our deluxe standard adapter package includes a Quick-Change hubless adapter system that makes mounting rotors and drums quick and easy
A variety of adapters let you machine all standard and composite rotors for foreign and domestic cars and light trucks
A 450-lb. cast iron body and a solid work bench reduce transient vibrations, ensuring a smooth uninterrupted surface finish with each pass
Easily change arbor speeds in seconds: choose 150 or 200 rpm, depending on the job
Positive rake cutter tip angle provides a one-pass finish virtually every time, allowing you to complete your work faster than inferior multi-pass lathes
Optional truck adapter kit available

Motor Drive Unit
115 – 230 VAC, 50-60 hz, 1 Ph, 20 amp
Max Rotor Thickness
2.5” (64 mm)
Max Rotor Diameter
17” (432 mm)
Brake Drum Diameter
6” – 28” (152 mm – 711 mm)
Max Load with Standard 1” Arbor
150 lbs. (68 kg)
Max Load with Optional 1-7/8” Truck Arbor
250 lbs. (113 kg)
Spindle Travel
6-7/8” (175 mm)
Spindle Speed
150 rpm – 200 rpm
Shipping Weight w/ Bench & Tools
678 lbs. (307 kg)
Shipping Dimensions
45” x 38” x 29” (1,143 mm x 965 mm x 736 mm)


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