A9824Ti Swing Arm Tire Changer


A9824TI Swing Arm Tire Changer (Elect.)


A9824TI Swing Arm Tire Changer (Elect.)

SERIES PASSENGER, LIGHT TRUCK TIRE CHANGERS Superior quality teamed with a sleek design and other unique features allow this machine to achieve speeds up to 50% faster than any other tire changer on the market in its price range. That’s why Corghi was awarded ISO 9001 Quality Certification, industry’s most coveted award. Run-flat certified by all major tire manufacturers. Features • 2 speed turn table. • Built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws. • Unique mount/demount head does not touch the rim during operation. • Locking handle locks head away from the rim. • Powerful action bead-breaker blade follows bead to inside rim contour. • Heavy-duty turntable rotates in either direction. • Rebuildable stainless steel cylinders. • Heavy-duty stainless steel turntable. • Safe, fast, profitable and affordable. • Bead-pressing lever. • Upper arm assembly swings out-of-way. • Shipping weight 608 lbs. • Also available with air motor.


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