Corghi 8-11100343/344 SP2300 Helper Arm for A2024, A2030


Corghi SP2300 Helper Arm for A2024, A2030


Corghi SP2300 With Mounting Bracket for A2024/A2030

Universal multifunctional device for facilitating tire mounting and demounting. The SP2300 is a practical and functional helper device specifically designed to make mounting and demounting operations quicker, more precise, and safer.

The SP2300 Standard consists of three integrated operating units capable of working on all types of tires – including ultra low profile and run flat tires – and light alloy wheel rims.


  • For Corghi Models A2024 and A2030


  • Tapered Roller: Facilitates demounting and mounting of first bead by keeping the bead within the rim well.
  • The large disc lifts the tire and detached the lower bead
  • Rotating bead depressor: Follows the tire radially during mounting and demounting and depresses the bead with a roller


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