Pure Nitro Tire Inflator N2-930


Pure Nitro Tire Inflator N2-930

• Whole process takes only minutes
• 5 Tires at one time – all 4 & Spare Tire
• Produces its own nitrogen
• Shop air only

Kenvo Technology brings you the very best in replacing regular air with nitrogen. Kenvo has developed a five-tire
valve system to enable the user to service and four tires and spare tire at once.

The machine only needs shop air, no electrical power.

Other machines makes the user fill and deflate the tires multiple times to achieve 95% nitrogen in the tires.

The Pure Nitro applies a slight vacuum to evacuate all the air before filling the tires with nitrogen, only needing to
inflate them once.

The end result is a much faster service with 95-97% nitrogen in the tires.

Technical Data
• 5 Tire Hook- Up
• Makes 95-97% Nitrogen
• Vacuums tires before fi lling
• Option to run a tire machine
• Easy two valve operation
• Auto shut off when N2 Tank is full

Model # N2-930
• 60 Gallon Tank, 225 lbs
• 30-50 Vehicles per day
• 8 SCFM
• Compact Size
• (25 x 20.5 x 56)