8-11120056 PU1500 Helper Arm for A9830


Corghi 8-11120056 PU1500 Assist Arm


Corghi 8-11120056 PU1500 Assist Arm

The Corghi 8-11120056 PU1500 Assist Arm is a pneumatic power unit that can be installed on the left-hand side of the tire changer in combination with three different accessories to cover the operator’s main needs when working on particularly demanding tires (e.g. low profile, run flat etc.). The PU1500 can be installed on either tilting column or swinging arm tire changers, even if already fitted with the SP2000. The independent accessories which complete the power unit and provide its functions are the bead presser and rim clamping kit, the bead lifter kit, and the PAX System wheel kit.

For use with Corghi A9830 Tire Changers.


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